The Solar Industry In New Jersey

If you are currently in New Jersey, and you are looking for a solar panel installation company to help you, you have many businesses that you can choose from. These are companies that are capable of installing units that are designed for single-family homes, as well as commercial grade solar arrays that can power entire businesses. The type of company that you need, and the solar panels that you would prefer purchasing, will play a role in your final decision. You also need to get estimates from each of the companies to find out how much they will charge for this particular type of product and service. Let’s discuss how you can find solar companies that will be more than happy to help you.

Where Should You Begin Your Search?

You should begin your search online as it is the easiest way to find some of the top solar panel installation companies in the state. Whether you are in Newark, Jersey City, or in Paterson, you will likely find several companies that will be able to come out to provide you with an estimate. They will determine how much electricity you typically use, and then decide how many solar panels you will need to produce the same amount. As long as you have a south facing view for the solar panels that is unobstructed, you may be able to efficiently generate more than enough electricity for your home or business.

What Type Of Solar Panels Should You Purchase?

Most of these businesses offer solar panels that can be purchased. They will also offer to install them. People often become confused as to which solar panels are the most efficient. There are several different kinds. Two of the most popular types will include polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. They will also have thin film amorphous silicon solar panels plus concentrated PV cell panels which some people will prefer. If you are looking for the most efficient solar panels, which happen to be the most costly, you will want to choose monocrystalline solar panels for your installation.

How To Schedule An Appointment With These Solar Panel Companies

Once you have found their websites or advertisements online, you can then place a call. You will speak with a friendly representative that will find a time that will work best for you. In many cases, they will not have appointments the same day that you contact them. You will more than likely have to wait several days until they have an opening. Once you have several estimates back from these companies, you can then choose them by considering different parameters.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panel Installation Company

There are three things to consider when choosing solar company in NJ. First, consider the price. Second, consider how soon they will be able to install these for you. Finally, you need to think about which type of solar panels would be best for your budget. If you can, try to have monocrystalline solar panels installed so that you will have the highest level of efficiency. As mentioned before, these are more expensive, but they will undoubtedly produce more electricity.

Once you have gone through this process, you will have a couple of companies to choose from. If their prices are similar, and they are going to install the same type of solar panels, it really comes down to how soon they will be able to do this for you. If you want this done as quickly as possible, choose the company that will be able to install your solar panel system in the shortest period of time. There are many solar companies to choose from. These simple steps will make it easy for you to choose the best company based upon your schedule and your budget.

Westover Energy, LLC

Why use West over?

Comprehensive solutions and services for projects entailing work offsite, in-house in the client’s office or from one of our rooms West over can provide custom solutions anywhere in the Continental United States.

West over Energy is a professional oil, gas and energy land consulting company providing individually tailored to the client services in the areas of property, legal, project and prospect management.


Acquisitions & Divestitures Management and Marketing

Project Management / Prospect Management services

Full Phase Consulting: Prospect inception to initial sales, on site or off site, we provide services in our offices or at the client’s office.

Acquisition & Divestiture Full Phase Services:

Project Management Services for Analysis and review of existing oil and gas leases, contracts, including operating agreements and farm-in/farm-out agreements

  • Lease Acquisitions, negotiation, preparation and acquisition of new contracts, agreements and oil and gas leases.
  • Petroleum Land man Services consisting of Contract land work for any sized or specialized project.
  • Surface Damage Negotiation, preparation, and finalization of settlements and pipeline easement acquisitions and right of ways.
  • Project Management of field land men for projects.
  • Legal Consulting and Management of Government permits.
  • Management and consulting of State and federal lease sale, including representation.
  • Lease records maintenance and management services
  • on-site or from one of our offices.
  • Current Management and employees have work experience in Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia, Louisiana, North Dakota, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, Wyoming, Montana New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Nebraska

West over Energy can be your in-house Land Manager or Land Staff.

Attorney Performed Documentation drafting: Full Phase: Review, Approval and Execution of oil and gas leases, operating agreements, pooling agreements,farm-in/farm-out agreements, AMIs, easements, rights-of-way, ratification, assignments, option agreements, confidentiality agreements, amending agreements, quit-claims and miscellaneous affidavits.


Consulting and Management of State and federal lease sale representation.

Onsite / Offsite Lease record management

Oil, gas, and mineral lease acquisitions (Attorney Supervised)

Right-of-way acquisitions (Attorney Supervised)

Surface damage settlements (Attorney Supervised)

Data Procurement: Drilling and production historical research

Consulting and Project Management of Well permitting (Attorney Supervised)

Consulting and Project Management of Surface inspections

Consulting and Project Management of Site entry and acquisitions (Attorney Supervised)

Title Curative for Land, mineral, and royalty (Attorney Supervised)

Permitting for 3-D seismic

With an installed capacity of 990 GW worldwide, hydropower has produced more than 3’700 TWh of electricity in 2012.

Hydropower alone accounts for more than 67% of the world’s installed renewable capacity and 3.7% of global energy consumption.

At the heart of these hydroelectric developments are the hydraulic turbines, which are tailor-made machines for transferring hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

These hydraulic turbo machines have existed for more than a hundred years, how has research enabled the development and optimization of these turbines, which today reach over 95% efficiency? What are the technological and economic challenges of hydroelectricity? Hydro power as a storage solution, how does it work? How to predict the appearance of cavitation or transient phenomena? How to maintain these facilities and rehabilitate them so that hydro power remains a competitive source of energy in the face of new renewable energies?

Hydroelectric Concessions

The PACA region is the third largest French region regarding installed hydropower capacity and hydropower generation (15% of French production).

Link to the website of the PACA regional energy observatory

Facilities whose installed capacity (i.e., the product of the head, turbine flow, and gravity) is strictly greater than 4.5 megawatts (MW) are granted by the State through a public works concession award procedure. The region has 43 concessions of which the perfect coordinator is one of the prefects of the six departments (see table below).

DREAL PACA is in charge of the supervision of the concessionaires of hydroelectric installations. As such, it is in charge of the application of the concessions policy (decree n ° 94-894 modified relative to the concession and the declaration of public utility of the works using hydraulic energy), which includes the procedure award or renewal by the call for competition.

Link to the website legifrance

The next concession expiring in the PACA region is that of Brillanne – Large, on the Durance in the Alpes – de – Haute – Provence department, which expires on 31 December 2015.

The development of hydroelectricity

Hydropower is renewable energy. The Directive on the promotion of the use of energy produced from renewable sources of 28 April 2009; the so-called “Renewable Energy Directive,” sets in particular for each Member State of the European Union a global objective concerning the share of energy produced from renewable sources in the final energy consumption in 2020.

Thus, the objective set for France is to produce 23% of the final energy consumed from renewable sources. This objective is reproduced in article 2 of the Grenelle 1 law.

To achieve this ambitious goal, all sources of renewable energy must be mobilized, including hydropower.

To contribute to this development, the DREAL PACA commissioned a potential hydroelectric study on the rivers of the region by the CETE Mediterranean. This study crosses the gross likely available on the watercourse (height of fall x flow x gravity), having deduced the potential of the already developed sections, with the regulatory protections affecting this waterway.

Each protection is classified according to the constraint it places on the capacity of mobilization of the potential considered. The resulting potential is, therefore, both known regarding value (number of megawatts still exploitable on the watercourse considered) and capacity to mobilize it, because of environmental issues that must be taken into account (“mobilizable without special condition “to” not available “).

However, this study is only a first step in the knowledge of the resting potential that can be mobilized in the PACA region, since many other parameters are taken into account in the industrial feasibility of a project.

West Over Energy Moved To Solar Power

There are hundreds of solar power companies in Miami. Selecting the best miami solar power companies is not easy for a big company like us. You should be doing the research properly when picking the right service provider. In fact, solar panels are a long-term investment. That is why it is important to thoroughly vet providers when selecting the right company. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best solar power company in Miami.

The first step is to compile a list of available providers. You can start by running a Google search for “solar providers in Miami.” You will get a host of solar power companies operating in the area for such a search. Don’t select the first company on the list without doing a background search on each provider on Google SERPs. Many customers fall into trouble by picking the first company on the list without doing a proper background search.

The right company should have a good customer review from a majority of their customers in the area. Make sure that you check the credentials of the company when selecting the best solar power company. The above read offers information on what to look for when selecting the best solar power company in Miami.

Land & Legal – Oil, Gas & Energy Services

Petroleum Land Management Services – Our Landmen have many years of industry experience, and have worked in every major play in the U.S. including the natural gas shale plays in the Barnett Shale of north-central Texas, the Haynesville Shale of East Texas and northwestern Louisiana, and the Marcellus Shale of the northern Appalachian Basin.

Westover Oil and Gas Properties – Westover Energy, L.L.C.  provides comprehensive  A&D  Services and Prospect Management;

Westover  buys  and sells producing or non-producing, leased or non-leased mineral rights and royalties in every major oil and gas play in the US and Canada.

Energy Land Services

  • Full Phase Acquisition & Divestment Project Management
  • Prospect Management
  • Lease Acquisition
  • Due DiligenceServices
  • GIS and mapping services
  • Attorney management of All Phases of Work Product & Services
  • Project Management (Large & Small), by Professionals with experience in every Major Play in the Lower 48.
  • Title Abstracting and Curative.